About Us

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Who Are We?

J&S Initiatives LLC was founded in 2010, and is staffed by an agile and experienced group of software developers. With backgrounds including corporate web development, graphic design, the video game industry, and education, we bring a variety of experience and perspective to the table. We've worked on projects of all sizes and with many recognizable brands.

We believe all projects are a two-way street, with regular communication helping to improve the final product. We're honest and up-front about issues when they arise and work with our clients to find a good resolution. To this end we deliver regular updates to our clients as development proceeds, so we can get feedback and ensure the final delivery is what you're looking for.

Ultimately JSI seeks to create quality software that achieves our clients' goals, and to foster a good working relationship while doing so. You might notice this page is simple and easy to navigate, we try to work the same way.

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What's Our Experience?

Over time we've learned a wide variety of languages and development tools, and worked with many open-technology platforms. We've written applications in Java, HTML5, C#, Objective-C, and C++. We've worked with databases, JSON interfaces, content management systems, and storefront back-ends. We've implemented traffic metering libraries including Google Analytics, Flurry, and others. We've integrated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If we need to learn something new for your project, that's part of the job.

We're always excited to expand our knowledge base and if your project requires something we haven't done before, we'll be honest with you. We've worked with folks who try to hide risks, we don't want to be those guys.

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Customer Loyalty

We've worked with a variety of companies small and large, and have a retention rate over 80%. We're open with our clients and reliably deliver a solid finished product.

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How can we help you?
  • Create an app that stands on its own, or interfaces with your existing services. Expand your presence with a bespoke iOS, Android, or Windows Phone application suitable to your brand.
  • Build your website, as simple or as complex as you require. We can make a straightforward site with content that only changes occasionally (like this one) or we can make a complex fully content-managed site that you control.
  • Create web services to safely expose your data where you need it, with secure communication. Do you need safe access to your data for an app or other service? We can help.
  • Build databases for your company's data, such as customer purchases, registrations, events, and so forth. Plus add access to the data via a web service, internal website, or other methods.
  • Develop an HTML5 based rich advertisement, that draws attention to your brand.
  • Integrate Twitter or Facebook to encourage your customers to talk about your services.
  • And many more!